Canadian Scholarships For African and International Students – Top 15 Scholarships

It is a crucial and helpful announcement and merit to be aware that Canada has everything you need as a student to be best among your peers. It offers tremendous advantage to its students under its care. This Canadian opportunity is open to both international or foreign students and indigenous Canadians. In a short time, I will direct you through the various Scholarships that African and International Students can opt in during their stay in Canada. These Canadian Scholarships are the best when it comes to world recognition.

International students, especially Africans who apply for scholarship in Canada and are successful in the course of application can get scholarships that are worth thousands of dollars each year.

Canadian scholarships can help students pay tuition, living expenses, or other costs associated with studying in Canada. These scholarships are available via different means and institutions. All that is needed is the right place to go. And this is where we come in to assist you.

The Canadian Scholarships For African and International Students is very credible here.

The good thing about Canadian scholarship is that it is open to everyone irrespective of nationale, language, or race. It is all about qualification, application and scholarship.

This article “Canadian Scholarships For African and International Students” offers a what-to-know guide to you. It is a scholarship compass for you to find your direction academically.

Top 15 Canadian Scholarships For African and International Students – 2023

To stay true to our word and promise, we have listed the names of scholarships available in Canada that will benefit you greatly. Take a look and choose that which suits you best.

As these scholarship programs are hosted by different universities and institutions, its terms and period of availability tends to differs. Some scholarships are renewable, some are a one-time offer, some are open to all academic levels and some required a fixed academic qualification.

The Canadian Scholarships For African and International Students is very credible here.

1. Humber College International Student Scholarships

The college of Humber offers a polytechnic and train-in courses to students. This is an ideal host for the African and international scholarship, 2023. It is located at 3199 Lake Shore Blvd W, Etobicoke, ON M8V 1K8, Canada. International students can apply for a scholarship confidently.

The scholarship is valued at $3,000. It has an eligible criterion: the applicant must be an undergraduate student.

The humber scholarship is available every annual and it is usually at the beginning of the year. It spans for a total period of 8 weeks for its application and closes at the mid period of May.

As a scholarship aiming to aid and assist students in exposure and financially, students must have an excellent academic record and must be able to demonstrate a convincing need for financial.

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2. MasterCard Foundation Scholarships

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program is a comprehensive and full funded annual scholarship program in Canada and it is majorly offered to African students and other qualifying international students.

The scholarship is open to all foreign students who are interested in studying and advancing their sphere of influence in Canada. The Mastercard Foundation Scholarship provides financial aid and available access to resources that will help the students or scholar succeed in their studies.

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program is an initiative with a budget of $500 million annually to inspire 15,000 young people, particularly from Africa, to lead global changes through education.

3. McGill University – Canadian Scholarships for African Students

McGill University Canada MasterCard Foundation Scholarships is a program that provides academically talented young leaders from Sub-Saharan Africa with access to a world-class university education.

McGill University Canada offers a MasterCard Foundation Scholarships for all African Students irrespective of where they schooled or region of origin. Every year, the McGill University offers scholarship to applicants who express their interest to be a part of its institution.

The scholarships are open to nationals of any country in Africa. This scholarship attends to the financial need of the student which hereby covers tuition and compulsory fees. This scholarship last up to the period of four years of study at McGill. To add to it, scholars will receive a monthly stipend, health insurance, and mentorship and support during their studies. This is really a fantastic program to partake.

For a successful application and candidacy, interested applicants must completed high school and achieved excellent academic results. They must also demonstrate selfless leadership and a commitment with the aim to give back services to their community.

4. University of Toronto – Canada Scholarship for African Students

I am pleased to inform you that the renowned city of Toronto is offering a Mastercard scholarship to all African students who fit the criteria for study.

The Mastercard foundational scholarship is a yearly student-financial program in Toronto and it is open to all African students who are interested in pursuing a degree at the University of Toronto. Canadian Scholarships For African and International Students is very credible here.

The scholarship covers the student tuition, health care and living expenses and is renewable for up to four years. This is a game changer to the world of global education.

Eligible candidates must possess a strong and excellent academic record in their field of study and demonstrate financial need. They must also be committed and selfless to give back their resources and intellect to their communities. They also must be fluent in English or French. This include in speech, listening and reading. Language is a top priority in the Toronto Scholarship, 2023.

The deadline for this application is usually 1st February. Successful applicants will be notified in March if they are qualified to study in Canada.

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5. University of British Columbia MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program for African Students Canada

The University of British Columbia in Canada is proud to offer the MasterCard Foundation Scholars program for African students. As among the top universities in Canada, it is willing and ever ready to support the full cause of the global education, even among African students.

The University of British Columbia annual scholarship provides up to $13,000 CAD in tuition and living expenses for exceptional students from Africa.

The UBC MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program is an initiative designed to support international students who have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership skills and have an unyielding commitment to giving back to their communities, selflessly.

If you are an African student with a vision, a desire to make a difference and be reputable in your community, we encourage you to apply and be a part of the UBC MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program.

6. University of British Columbia – Leader of Tomorrow Undergraduate Scholarship

The University of British Columbia as one of the major universities in Canada offers an undergraduate scholarship for International Leader of Tomorrow.

The Canadian Scholarships For African and International Students is very credible here.

This annual scholarship in Canada is awarded each year to 10 international students who demonstrate excellence in academics, leadership and community service. The scholarship covers tuition, fees and living expenses for 4 years. The Canadian Scholarships For African and International Students is very credible here.

7. Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students –

University of Alberta

The public research university in Edmonton is very pleased and willing to offer annual scholarships in its yearly Canadian scholar initiative which is worth up to $60,000 CAD to outstanding international undergraduate students. These students must be foreign students who have proven to have an excellent charisma and academic proficiency. Successful students can enter the University of Alberta in the fall semester.

The scholarships are awarded annually to each individual student and can be renewed throughout the course of study by the student. The criterion for this renewal is that the student must maintain a minimum of 3.0 GPA each year.

Also, interested students must be an undergraduate student from a certified college or university and they have have a clean criminal record. They must also possess a fine character and leadership qualities & selflessness to their community and home country.

The Canadian Scholarships For African and International Students is very credible here.

8. America Concrete Institute Foundation Scholarship For Undergraduate and Graduate Students

The ACI Foundation fellowship & Scholarship in USA and Canada is open to all undergraduate and graduate students studying civil engineering anywhere in the world. This offer is open to any student who qualify for this breakthrough irrespective of where they are in the world.

The ACI scholarship application deadline is usually early March and the scholarship is worth $2,000.

The ACI Foundation Scholarship in USA and Canada was established in 2001 to promote excellence in civil engineering.

Every year at early January, the foundation awards scholarships to students who are studying civil engineering at any college or universities in the United States and Canada. The Canadian Scholarships For African and International Students is very credible here.

Interested students or applicant must enroll for a full program irrespective of graduate of undergraduate. As a concrete institute, only students with credibility in Civil Engineering can apply for this as it is in line with their field of work. They must also have a minimum GPA of 3.0 of the current year they apply for this scholarship. The Canadian Scholarships For African and International Students is very credible here.

As an early annual application, the deadline also tends to be early, usually early March. Candidates who qualified for the scholarship will be announced by the ACI Board at the month of May. Afterward they will be invited to the ACI convention for physical verification and a brief interview. This why candidates must be present either in USA or Canada during the course of application. The ACI scholarship is worth $2,000 to all individual students.

9. Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund – Women Scholarship in USA & Canada

The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund, known as MMMF is offering a scholarship for Women from Developing Countries in the US and Canada. It is an annual scholarship that is focused only on women from developing countries who wish to expand and further their education in the United States or Canada.

The MMMF scholarship covers the cost of tuition, housing, healthcare and other related expenses.

To be considered for the scholarship, applicants must be female citizens of a developing country. Also, the interested female can be admitted to an accredited university in the United States or Canada, and demonstrate academic excellence and leadership potential. The Canadian Scholarships For African and International Students is very credible here.

The MMMF Scholarship has a track record of efficiency and tenuity since 2004 and it has liberated women from round the globe. The applicant must be a Woman from a Developing Country and want to study in the US and Canada. Dozens of women from around the world have achieve their academic dreams and it is all thanks to MMMF. The scholarship will award up to five scholarships worth a total of $50,000 to each successful candidate. Do not miss out.

10. University of British Columbia (UBC) PhD Scholarship for International Students

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is among the top universities in Canada to offer a PhD scholarship for international students. The UBC scholarship is available to all international student who will be enrolled. This is on the basis that they will offer a full time course in doctoral program at UBC, Canada.

The good news about UBC annual scholarship in Canada is that it is valued at $20,000 CAD per year per student. Also, it can be renewed up to the period of 4 years as long as  the student has a GPA not less than 3.5 during the period of his stay.

One criterion for eligibility is that, interested students must have an excellent academic record in his or her previous university or college and can demonstrate a strong research potential doctoral field.

11. Vanier Canadian Graduate Scholarship – University of Alberta

Every year, the University of Alberta, Canada initiate a scholarship scheme for all international students who wish to pursue a graduate study at the university. This is for the full course or duration of study.

The Vanier Canadian Graduate Scholarship (VCGS) is among the scholarships hosted at the University of Alberta and it is awarded to students who have demonstrated excellency in both academics and leadership qualities and are commendable.

The scholarship covers tuition, living expenses, travel expenses and healthcare insurance.

As a highly competitive scholarship scheme, the VCGS is very limited to a few set of people. To seize this advantage, candidates who apply early have an advantage over late applicants.

12. Trudeau Foundation, Canada – PhD Scholarships Developing Countries

The Trudeau Doctoral Foundation, Canada offers annual scholarships to international students in any  developing country all over the world.

To stand a chance for the scholarship, interested applicants must complete their first year of a Ph.D. program in the social sciences or humanities at any Canadian university prior to the time of application.

The scholarship is worth $60,000 per year for every student and it covers tuition fees as well as living expenses.

The aim of the Trudeau foundation is to create and promote public engagement in political and civil engagement through education and research. This vision can be supported by giving more room to people of different idea on communism.

The foundation awards doctoral scholarships to students from all over the world who conduct research in the social sciences or humanities. This scholarship is on an annual basis and it is strictly Ph.D. This is the first step to eligibility for any applicant. The Canadian Scholarships For African and International Students is very credible here.

The Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarship is a great opportunity for students from developing countries to further their education in Canada. This is also a platform to broaden their sphere of influence and exposure to world affairs.

13.Microsoft Research Fellowship Program – Ph.D. Scholarship

in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or Mathematics

The Microsoft Research Fellowship program offers annual scholarships in Canada to exceptional Ph.D. students in Canada who are engaged in working on innovative, world-changing research.

The first step for eligibility is that the student must enroll in a full-time Ph.D. program at a Canadian university in any of its provinces and have completed their second year of study. They must also demonstrate strong academic achievement, creativity and potential for future impact.

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14. Québec Government, Canada Doctoral Research Scholarships Program for International Students

The Government of Quebec, Canada is offering a doctoral research scholarship program for all international students irrespective of your country of origin. This is an annual scholarship in Canada and the application tend to be early of the year usually in January. The termination of this program can be anytime in February, the date is often announced.

The scholarship is open to all fields of study.

To be eligible, you must be a citizen of another country by birth and have completed at least two years of undergraduate studies.

You must also have an excellent academic record and leadership & competitive spirit in order to be accepted into a doctoral program at a university in Quebec.

The scholarship covers tuition, living expenses and health insurance. It is awarded for one year and can be extended for a maximum of three years. All you need is a good grade with a GPA of not less than 3.0

15. Algonquin College Undergraduate Scholarship for International Students Canada

Students who want to study in Canada have various scholarships options for them at their disposal. The Algonquin College Undergraduate Scholarship for International Students is one of the educational opportunity and scholarship program in Canada.

This scholarship is open to all qualifying students from all over the world & those who wish to study at the undergraduate level at Algonquin College should seek an early application.

The scholarship awards $2,000 CAD per year and is renewable for up to three years.


There are many great scholarships in Canada that are available for international and African students. These scholarships have the potential to help students achieve their academic goals and build a life in Canada.

Graduate and undergraduate students are encourage to prove their interest in studying in Canada to explore these opportunities and apply for the scholarships that best suit their needs.

The Canadian Scholarships For African and International Students is very credible here.